Awards of Sport

“A Tribute to the Artist and the Athlete”

The Academy presents awards each year, including its Awards of Sport, to pay tribute to those who have made significant contributions to sport, in categories as diverse as the artist and the athlete in several different arenas of sport. The awards have expanded over the years to honor exemplary achievement in coaching, all-around athletic performance, courage, humanitarian activity, fitness and media, as well as the top professional athletes of the year. ASAMA annually recognizes these men and women through its Sport Artist of the Year, Honorary Doctorates, Distinguished Service Awards, Medallion Series, Outstanding Athletes, Team of the Year and Alumni of the Year awards.

Honorees may be nominated by any of the Academy's worldwide constituents. This assemblage includes administration, alumni, faculty, national faculty, staff, students and members of various organizations and boards that work closely with the Academy on this special project. Following the nomination process, honorees are selected by the Awards of Sport Committee, a special group within the Academy that is comprised of the President's Cabinet and other staff members with a vested interest and an extensive knowledge of sports and the arts. Every honoree chosen by the Awards of Sport Committee is presented to the Academy's Board of Trustees. All honoree selections are subject to a vote and must be formally approved and ratified by this group. Award recipients are traditionally presented with the Academy's Order of the Eagle Exemplar Medal and Academy Rosette.

Founded in 1984, the American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) is dedicated to the preservation of sports art, history and literature. The ASAMA collection is composed of more than 1,500 pieces across all media, including paintings, sculptures, assemblages, prints, posters and photography.

The museum is open to the public, free of charge, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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